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About SPC

Scandinavian Pilots Club was founded by 2 aspiring pilots on the 16th of September 2020.We are based at 4 major Scandinavian airports; Oslo, Stockholm, Bergen and Copenhagen. SPC is an organization made to be fun and welcoming to all committed pilots, with tons of exciting projects, events and programs. Our friendly staff guarantee that you will thoroughly enjoy your time with us!

CEO’s Message

Hi! My name is Kade (@IF_Pacific) from Brisbane, Australia. My passion for aviation has been with me pretty much my whole life. I’ve loved everything that flies, including birds, I really can’t live without them. I hope to become a pilot for Qantas and fly around the world. Infinite Flight has helped me pursue my dream as it’s the closest to realism as possible. I’ve virtually travelled the world with IF and I would like to thank the devs and staff members that make it so great! In September 2020, I started planning a VO, a VO that pilots would know and love. But I needed some more staff, to help make our VO better. It started off with 2, @Jodeci_Matthew and I, we worked almost everyday to set up our project. Now it has reached certification and here is our first thread. I am proud to be the CEO of such an organisation! On behalf of the whole Crew, we hope you enjoy your time with SPC as much as we do.

Our SPC Crew

Here at SPC, we are a friendly community of pilots, that share a similar passion, flying! The community needs to be smartly managed as well, this is where our Staff Crew are at their best. From the Human Resources Manager to the Events Team, they all help keep SPC wisely managed .
Here’s the team!

  • Events Manager: @TYTY
  • HRM: -
  • Recruitment: -
  • Discord Manager: -
  • Chief Captain: -
  • ATC Manager: -
  • Public Relations: -

Our ranking system determines loyalty and commitment to our organization. The more flight hours logged, the higher ranking.

Rank: Hours Required
Second Offcer 5 hours
First Officer 40 hours
Captain 150 hours
Chief Captain 500 hours

Projects & Programs

SPC strives to be great consistently and through that comes some great projects. If you want to see what we’ve been working on, here they are!

Project New Scandinavian
Project New Scandinavian was announced in December 2020. It is intended to launch in early March 2021, operating flights between our 4 hubs and New Zealand. These flights are operated by 787s and 777-200LRs (as shown in the picture). These are a key factor to making our events more fun!

GA All The Way
This one may sound quite extreme, but I know some will love it! GA All The Way was first shown on our Twitter page not too long ago. It’s the first program hosted by SPC flown by either the Cessna Citation X, or for the hardcore GA fliers, the TBM930. Edition 1 takes us from the Oceania to our home, Scandinavia. It has 2 modes: Casual and Racing. We intend to operate this over holidays. (Not all legs are necessary to fly. All legs are scheduled departures)


SPC uses Discord as a communication platform. Discord offers many benefits to us, with easy ranking, categories and channels. Discord also allows many fun third-party attachments that can be added to our server to bring more joy to our community.


Crew Center

We use only the most modern Crew Center software. This helps make sure logging flights and tracking progress as a pilot. We use Flare and VAHost because why not? It’s easy to navigate and simply stunning!

Requirements for Pilots

  • Must be 13+ years of age
  • At least Grade 2
  • Must not be blacklisted on the IFC
  • Have basic knowledge on how to use and navigate the IFC
  • Valid IF Pro Subscription
    Before you apply
  • Make sure you have your Grade Table
  • Make sure you fit all of the requirements.

Apply Now!

Requirements for Staff

  • 13+ years of age
  • Minimum Grade 3
  • Good understanding of the IFC
  • Mustn’t be blacklisted
  • Valid IF Pro Subscription
  • At least TL2 (Member) on the IFC
    Before you apply
  • Make sure you have your Grade Table
  • Make sure you fit all requirements

Available Positions

  • HRM
  • Recruitment
  • Head of Public Relations
  • Discord Manager
  • ATC Manager
  • Chief Captain

PM the CEO

We were certified as of January 2021

SPC does not hold any affiliation with any real-world airlines


On Behalf of the Ladeco Virtual Staff (soon to be Approved) Congrats on the approval.
Beautiful Thread!! Well thought out look!!
Recruitment manage for Ladeco Virtual


Thank you!

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I think this belongs in #live:va

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Your welcome and I hope u do amazing in the Future


I thought I had it in live:va, I’ll go edit that now

Congrats with appoval guys! Great to see Scandinavian VO.
Wish you guys best of luck. 😄


Awesome VA thread! Really like the banners! Hope you have success in your VA!


Quite interested in this VA… Also, I have applied :D


Congrats kadeo , good job 👏… nice thread


It’s a well done topic, congratulations!


Great thread! Nice work @IF_Pacific


New Website

Over the past few weeks we’ve been working on a new website, a more modern website that’s easier to navigate. We want you to see it first before it becomes our official one.
Click here to see it.


Congratulation on your approval!🎉
Wish the best for you guys!😉


Thank you! 😁

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Partnership Notice

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with OPG (Oceania Pilots Group).
Expect exciting things in the future!



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Congrats! Awesome! I put it awesome why only IFC did not let congrats. Lol

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Don’t forget to sign up to our first event!

Latest News

SPC Switches to Flare Crew Center! For more info on flare, visit this link!