Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) Airbus A350-900

Scandinavian Airlines has ordered 8 A350, and with the beautiful SAS Livery this would be a great addition to the game


Why we do need this: SAS is the flag carrier of Norway, Sweden and Denmark, they are only one of two airlines operating long haul routes from Scandinavia
As the A350 May come this year or next year, this livery would be great to add to the game.

As SAS have their hubs in Scandinavia, it would make long haul from Scandinavia more common in Infinite Flight, also the A350 is one of the biggest additions to SAS’s fleet the coming decade

I do also think this is a livery that suits this aircraft the best (mabye behind Cathay)

About the A350

Place to vote for the A350

pretty good livery. Really want to see it in the game soon!!


I mostly made it since no one else has nede it before, at least two of my fearure requests are SAS


Bumping this :)

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I would love this! I’ll vote :)

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Closed poll :)

We have a voting feature, making polls not necessary.


Ok then, think I will just remove the whole thing

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The livery suits the A350 so well. SAS definitely needs new aircraft to their ageing fleet of A330’s and A340’s.

This livery would most certainly be an amazing add on to Infinite Flight :)

On a second note:


Air China flies daily out of Stockholm to Beijing, a roughly 9-10 hour flight, considered a Long Haul and the same goes for Thai Airways flying to Bangkok a 9hr flight that one too. Also, outside of Sweden, we have Singapore Airlines who fly from Copenhagen to Singapore (Changi Int’l Airport).

  • It is not only SAS and Norwegian flying long hauls out of Scandinavia as a whole ;)

Voted, looking forward to this one being a part of SAS fleet soon.

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Oh, didn’t it say hub? I’ll fix that now🤦‍♂️ I’ve seen both Qatar and Thai at Gardemoen before

I removed a vote for this

Happy Birthday @Jens_Severin

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Why did you remove it?

Thank you :)

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What I meant was that I removed a vote from another feature topic to make space for this one

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Oh, thank you :)

Bumping this because it looks so cool, and especially want it for the A350 release!

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Look at this SAS posted on Facebook!


I can’t wait for this to get on the wings!

we need this we need this we need this
i have to repeat 3 times because we need this livery
##we need this livery##

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I really hope they include this livery in the update. Voted! :)

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I really can’t wait for the A350! This livery would look nice in the game!

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