Scandinavian Airlines (Privatair) 737-700 BBJ

It would be great if they add the Privatair (In the SAS livery) 737-700 BBJ as they do daily flights between Copenhagen and Boston. We only have 2 planes with the SAS livery so we need more. My one concern is if FDA calculate the range in the Global update. The range can’t be same as the normal 737-700 because it’s BBJ so yeah.


It´s the exact same livery except for the registration, as a regular SAS 737-700.
But hey, it´s SAS, so it would be awesome! Love their livery. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I like the idea, but I’m not sure this will be in the next update, they still have a lot of liverys to add.

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I adore the SAS livery on the 737s. They look so good. (minimal bias)

Seriously though, would be awesome to have this in IF.


Oo that picture was taken in houston from the C garage

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They also used to do daily flights between Houston and Scavenger, believe it or not.(Yes, with the 737BBJ)

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They did, it was an all business class 737BBJ. Route was shut down due to low demand, and the plane was reconfigured and moved over to CPH-BOS.

In fact, the CPH-BOS is being upgraded to an A330 soon.

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Yep, I remember. I was only 11 when they let it go. I only got a picture of its tail, because I didn’t know better. I was just starting to spot…

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Yea it was taken in Houston:)

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The 757s in the background gave it away, and plus you can get pics like this there


It would be nice if they added those in the next update, @HEYEY

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Which will sadly come to an end in late October of 2017. SAS will now utilize the A330-300 on the Boston-Copenhagen route instead of the 737BBJ. That’s for another topic, though.

Love the plane and I love the livery. Spotted this many times and it would be a cool addition to the simulator. :)