Scandinavian Airlines Boeing 737-800 Special livery

I am requesting the special “Celebrating 70 years” livery made by SAS. The livery was part of their celebration marking the airline`s 70th birthday (1946-2016). The livery was used on one of their Boeing 737-800 (LN-RGI). The reason why i request this livery is simply because i find it beautiful, and SAS is one of the biggest operators in Europe.
SAS is an airline based in Scandinavia with their main hubs in Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm. They fly to many destinations all over Europe as well as Asia and North America.
The photo belongs to Mikko Heiskanen.

Defenatly gets my vote!

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My Vote is down for this beauty. Remember spotting it in Arlanda last year, such a marvelous looking livery 😍

Thanks guys! Lets hope for more votes to show how much we want this livery.

Really like this livery I once actually flew on it will try to get rid of a vote for this one.

Really nice livery. I remember spotting this one at sunset in Corfu 2 years ago, great memory. I dont have any votes currently

Haha, I’m stupid. Just noticed the picture was taken in Stockholm, Sweden, considering the Bus in the background 😂

How do I not recognize my home city? Seb won’t be proud of me now 😓

Btw, the tire smoke looks so good, I don’t know, it just appeals to me for some reason.

Haha really?
I agree with you with the smoke. I always try to find the photos taken right after take-off/right before touchdown as i love these shots!

Yeah it took well from the minute you posted this to now, 4hrs later to notice that this is in ARN, haha. Now that I think about, I’ve even been on the bus on that specific road that one driving on, oh god, I’m so bad at this 😂

But yeah the smokes, looks great, kind of gives a nice contrast with the liery in this particular picture. I would love to have this livery. It is indeed a very unique looking one 🤩

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Nice request I’ve voted for it

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Thank you, lets hope that we will see this livery soon :)

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I like it a lot! Beautiful

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Norwegian - Du får min Stemme Vi trenger dette.
English - You got my vote we need this.

Norwegian: Dette skulle vært det de brukte til vanlig på alle fly
English: i think this should be the livery they use on all their aircraft

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Norwegian - Helt enig.
English - Full agree.

So has this thread now become: How to learn Norwegian the IFC way 101 😂

May I just add that I’d love to fly woth this livery to Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen. Just flying from Capital City to another within Scandinavia 🤩

Haha yeah, i would love that too! And also doing the famous flight from Oslo - Svalbard. Svalbard will look so much better with the upcoming scenery-update, and performing the flight with this livery on would be great!

I need explore more of Norway. The few times I’ve gone more north than Stockholm has always been to Skellefteå and Umeå. I have yet to fly to places like Stavanger and Bergen in Norway. Also in south, to Aalborg in Denmark. So I got a bit of Scandinvian exploring to do, outside of Sweden :)

You also need to try to fly to Hammerfest and Lofoten

Hammerfest only because of the spectacular approach (only on sunny days) and around in Lofoten
I would recommend flight WF970, landing at many small airports in northern Norway