Scandinavian Airlines Airbus A320neo

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) is the main carrier servicing the Scandinavian region. With the A320Neo soon coming to IF, this livery would be a great addition, plus there are not many aircraft with the new SAS livery. If you are interested, be sure to leave a vote and show your support!

Now THIS is an Airbus livery I can get behind.


I’ve said multiple times that this livery is among my favourite (next to Brussels airlines) ones.
If the A320neo wins, I’ll make a vote free for this magnificent bird. Edit: voting for the a320 family is not needed now, because we are certain it will come in the game, free up some votes!
I got some votes free and am now voting this beautiful livery!

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Yes, this has to come!

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This is an aircraft I’ve flown on many times and this livery never gets old. It’s absolutely beautiful

Voted, let’s get this beauty into the game!


For the one or another reason, this is the most beautiful photo I saw of this livery, the grey winter colours complement this livery great.
Can’t wait to land this plane at ESSA with their usual foggy weather conditions.

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Thanks! Photo is actually taken at ESSA as well, can’t wait to fly it!

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You got to it first! Voted!

Livery bump!

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This will be forever one of my favorite livery’s. Simple yet beautiful.

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