Scandanavian54super's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Might want to try others. It’s always a good idea to get used to whatever comes your way (not to mention different airfield elevations). Just a tip; good luck with the controlling!


Thanks @TaipeiGuru! It means a lot. And yes, i think it is a good idea and opening more airports on the future!

Sorry, I did not mean to send that on guard message to that random aircraft😂

😂😂 He must have understood nothing

So my feedback

When you clear fo the option make right traffic it’s unnecessary to said enter right downwind runway 10R,
When I call for changing runway I was on entering right downwind so the appropriate answer was Delta 867 enter right downwind runway 10L
That’s all for me 👌🏽

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Ok thank you for your feedback and thanks for coming!

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Now open @PHOG Ground/tower!

Anyone, please if you can stop by, please do! I need more practice!

Anyone please, i’m lonely 😞 😂

I’ll come but I may have to leave mid flight as I just took my practical and am waiting for the results.

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Finally! Thank you! No problem if you have to leave!

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be there in 30mins if you’re still open

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Ok, I think I will be!

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Just landed amazinf ATC

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Thanks bud

Now open @LGSK

Just tower not ground, as there is no ground frequency for this airport!

Come by and so some patterns with this amazing scenery!

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Some feedback.

Take next time a bigger aiport please :-( Eventhough I liked the scenery, I wanted to do some runway changes! (Don’t really prefer deta air spaces)

When a pilot is already flying in pattern (with e.g. left traffic) you don’t have to clear them with traffic. Just clear them for the option! Since the pilot already is flying left or right traffic.

When I requested inbound you gave me a pattern ‘Enter leftbase’, which was doable, but the appropriate would have been ‘Enter leftdownwind’, so I can easily decent to inbound “altitude”. Cause I was at 3,000ft.

Overall everything went great and I enjoyed the scenery!

All other things went good! Loved the scenery!

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Ok thanks for the feedback, glad you liked it!

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Now open @KALN tower and ground!

Come swing by and do some patterns!

Closing up for now, may be open later