Scandanavian54super's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Hello IFC,

As I want to get prepared for IFATC, I think it would be great to create an ATC tracking thread. So here it is: @Scandanavian54super’s ATC tracking thread.
It is appreciated that you guys provide as much feedback as possible.

With that being said, hope to see you in the skies soon!


We are now open at KFLL. Tower and ground!

Ok folks, we are now closed at KFLL. Might be back shortly!

I am now open at KPBI. Tower and ground!

Oh yay! I’ll come by as thank you for coming to mine

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Ok! Take your time!

KPBI Now closed!

Sadly no on showed up.

I will possibly be open tomorrow!

We are now open at @KFLL Ground and tower

Open at KFLL once again! Tower and ground!

Couldn’t open for as long as I wanted, i have to do something. KFLL now closed

We are agin open at KFLL ground/tower. It would be great if anyone could stoop by!

It would be awesome if anyone stopped by!

I just closed, will be open shortly in about 20 minutes. Gotta eat dinner!

Ok were back at KFLL Ground/Tower! Come by if you can! Pattern work excepted!

Kfll closed!

We are now open again!

KFLL again tower and ground

Come by if you can please, I need some practice!

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Why always KFLL, if you don’t mind my asking?


I’m on my way


Idk, i just know that airport the most😂

But i should get some other airports going too