Scandanavian54super’s ATC Tracking Thread - [PRACTICAL PASSED]

Would join but on a long haul rn, sorry!

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Closed, will be open tmmr.

great! What time? i’m available after 21:30Z, i hope i can make it!

Open at KEDC, will be open for the next 20-30 minutes. Patterns recommended


@J-F_V did you loose connection on final?

Yes absolutely
server was red

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Lol right when I sent the Go around message too 😂😂

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Closed, @FN60fps @J-F_V thanks for stopping by, I know there were a few connection issues but no worries.

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Feedbacks from CF-JFV


⚠️ Wait for pilots to switch frequency when thy are ready… the disregard last message was cool 👍🏻
✅ No other issue on ground


⚠️ No need to Line up and wait (LUAW) in my case. the way was clear for a departure right away
✅ T/O with direction for patterns
✅ Nice sequence as #2
⚠️ No need to clear me with direction unless you change it. You already cleared me for right patterns on t/o and I’m supposed to repeat it until you change or I request a change
⚠️ Unnesseceray entend downwind. Since I was sequenced as #2, it is my job to maintain proper separation. It will reduce you workload to not “overcontrol”
✅ Go around was issued correctly following discussion with FN

Not a bad sesh overall…ping me when you open. Multiple runways airport will allow us to test you a bit more on patterns entry, upwind conflict, sequencing etc…

Keep on the good work

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Hey, @Eddie_D, thanks for your service today at KEDC.

Here is the feedback for your session at KEDC from OK-LOL

Transition was too low!

  • A transition altitude allows an aircraft to pass through your tower airspace safely without interfering with other traffic remaining in the pattern. That being said, my transition at 2,500ft was too low. The perfect altitude would’ve been 3,500ft. I like to use the following formula to calculate it.

Airport elevation + 2,500ft, then around it up to the nearest 500ft

Late exit runway instructions!

  • Try to issue the exit runway at 70kts of ground speed. I recommend having the exit runway command ready to send as soon as the aircraft reaches 70kts.

Other than that, good stuff today. You have shown an impressive knowledge of how to control a local frequency.

Good night/day, Take care!

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Yea regarding the switch freq, my finger slipped When I pressed on your aircraft lol,

The reasoning for the LUAW command was that the other aircraft was passing overhead, and I wanted to make sure that there was space maintained.

Also for the extend downwind, I noticed that the aircraft infront was approaching at a much slowe speed, so I wanted to create necessary spacing. Probably could have just requested a lower speed.

Thanks for the advice, I’ll definitely change those small things.

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Nice reasoning!

Since your transition was too slow at 2500’, I understand you was affraid because my pattern was 2100’

That’s why a transition is 2500’ above airport + round up.

it ensure a 1000’ separation with the highest pattern (1500’).

Propellers pattern: airport + 1000’
Jets patterns: airport + 1500’
Transition: Airport + 2500 rounded up

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Thank you for explaining the transition, I never was able to find the formula on how to calculate correct altitude!


You’re welcome. Glad I could help. Out of curiosity, have you applied for IFATC yet?

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Tell me you did yesterday as supposed 😂😉

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@J-F_V @FN60fps I plan to apply tomorrow, when I have a good amount of time to apply.


It takes seconds no worries…

Can’t wait to fly you training times!

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Open @KHWD @J-F_V @Vincent_C


Coming in few

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M-IAMI feedback:
Everything was well done, amazing atc services, my landing though 😖 great job @Eddie_D 👍

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