Scandanavian54super’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A


Had to make a new thread, reached the 30 day edit limit!

Now open @KPIE, come bye and do some patterns!

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How long will you be staying open?

Probably through the next 25 to 30 minutes :)

I can probably make it then :)

Ok cool! Stop by if you can!

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Now closed!

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Thanks for noticing, but that was not me, that was @Scandanavian54super

No worries though :)

Ok thanks for the feedback, it makes more sense now! Thanks for coming!!

No worries :)

Didn’t mean to say “Now worried” 😂

Thanks for the advice and clarification!

Mind stating your source for this? I can’t find it in the manual, and many people use it as a strategy in ATC tracking threads to test the controller’s awareness. They’ll wait until they’re on final to see if the controller will clear them; if not, a go-around is executed.


Well, yes. On an ILS approach, aircraft will only be handed to tower when they’re established on the localizer. However, there’s no rule saying you can’t turn base unless you’ve been cleared or instructed to turn. This applies to both pattern-work and inbound traffic.

You can’t land, obviously, but you can turn base (and subsequently final). If no clearance is given by tower, you can report position to let them know that they need to clear you. If still no clearance is given and you’re dangerously close to the threshold, that’s when you go around.

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Thanks for clearing things up!

No worries, we are all learning

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