Scale Model Aircraft Collections

Awesome 😊! love that Air new zealand livery 👍

As much as I’ve said before metal models are way too expensive for me I am starting to consider changing my mind, they do look far better and there is far more choice … maybe.

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Where did you get the a350 from?

I recently bought these 1:200 die-cast models.



I have:
Easyjet Boeing 737-200
Easyjet Airbus A319
Easyjet Airbus A320
Flybe Dash 8-Q400
Flybe Embraer 175
Ryanair Boeing 737-800
British Airways Airbus A319
British Airways Airbus A320
British Airways Airbus A380
British Airways Boeing 747-400
Air France Airbus A380
Luxair Embraer 145
Lufthansa A340-600
Aer Lingus Airbus A330-200
Air Caraïbes Airbus A330-300
Wizzair Airbus A320
Scandinavian Airlines Boeing 737-800
KLM Boeing 777-300ER
Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400
Thomas Cook Airbus A321
All 1:150, 1:200 or 1:250 scale

I’ve got a few of my diorama when it was missing a few parts, and a 788 in BA livery. All my models are 1:400 scale.

Still in progress, missing a few layouts and a 787. There is a 744 under the maintenance hanger.

Shorts 360 BA livery

744 Go Wallabies Qantas

773 EVA air Hello Kitty limited edition

Air Canada Dash 8 Q400

772 BA livery

Airbus Beluga (old diorama)

A320 NEO house livery

Qantas Disney Planes 763 Extended Range

Also got a 788 BA dreamliner, but don’t have a photo of it. ;D

Also got some A330’s in a Kinder egg which are not strictly models but are really cool.

Thanks! :D


Where did you get the A320 NEO House Colors? I’m a big fan of house color models. If I get this plane, then I have a competition against the MAX!

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I don’t know the scale but I have:
1 Airbus Livery Airbus A380
1 Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300
1 Qantas socceroos livery Boeing 747-400

Take pictures of them, I can determine.

Wont upload


Wait to hit reply until the upload is done.

Just a few of my new arrivals.


Where did you get that JetBlue 321 and E-190?

Might be getting a model with accurate landing gear or no landing gear soon please help me choose.

  • KLM 787
  • JetStar 787
  • Scoot 787

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Secondary choice if those 3 don’t appear.

  • Singapore Airlines A380
  • Etihad A380
  • Singapore Airlines A350
  • Qatar Airways A350

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I had those but I threw those out lol.

I got given it from my dad when he went to collect an aircraft from Airbus (he is a pilot). I think you can purchase it of the Airbus website… :D

Why don’t you give it to me…

Oh sorry I just realized I didn’t specify what I threw out I threw out the kinder ones, not the model ones, sorry for the misunderstanding lol

Yes, just a few.