Scale Model Aircraft Collections

I just thought I’d post these images and ask if anyone else has anything like this😄

I was going to wait until the Icelandair Hekla Auora model came out but it appears to be delayed😢


What size are they, I have…

3 a320s
1 a321
1 737-800
1 767-300
1 a340-600
1 777-200
1 a380-800

And they are all 1:400


There aren’t any Boeings apart from the 787.

Correct me if I’m wrong @Talkingribzz

The Virgin Atlantic 747

And Ryanair 737

True, actually there are four Boeings!

1:200 ryanair 737
1:200 easy jet a319
1:200 easy jet a320
1:200 aer lingus retro livery a320
1:200 aer lingus a320
1:200 british airways a319
1:200 british airways 757
1:200 iberia 727
1:200 air berlin a319
1:200 air berlin a321
1:100 cranfield university british aerospace jetstream
1:250 emirates a380
1:250 qantas a380
1:250 finnair a330
1:250 SAS a340
1:150 fly be dash 8
1:250 fly be embrear e175

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And British airways 757

Nerds… ;)


Aren’t we all 😄


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Here is mine:
Air Force 1 (747-200)
Air Force 2 (757)
United 777
American 777
Lufthansa A380
Delta Air lines (Unidentified model, likely 767-300)
Northwest dc-10
Alaska airlines 737
Ups 747-400F
Southwest 737

If any of those have registration, you can look it up to find the actual aircraft, which I find cool.


Are yours 1:200 1:250 1:400 or 1:500?

Don’t remember the exact sizes.

A small part of my collection!


Bloody hell!! You guys must have spent fortune😀. Once I bought Virgin 747, and SA340 from model zone in Brighton. Those weren’t cheap, I Am not surprised the shops gone under:


A small part? You have a lot!

It’s the holy grail of aviation😄

Can you send a complete list?

Nice :D I’ve got an Edelweiss Air A333 and a Swiss A343 both in 1:144 and I’m soon going to get myself a Swissair B743 in 1:200