SBGR useless atc

On Monday when Bava was doing an even we were planning to leave at 8 but the atc was making us hold positions when no one was behind us IFATC you really need to fix things after waiting an hour we have only got off the ground


Hey! Sorry for the not so great experience. SBGR is extremely busy at the moment. There is a lot of movement happening. I don’t think an hour wait though is right. If you are able to, I’d contact your controller. I can find them for you if you are unsure.


Well that’s what happens when everyone flocks to one airport. Next time I recommend going to a smaller airport. Also don’t call is rubbish. We are trying our best:)


We recommend reaching out to the controller in question about their service. Please go in with an open mind — one think I realized when I first joined IFATC was how much controllers need to take into account when planning and controlling. Often times one “hold position” is conditioned on several other things. Give them a shout and see what you can learn.

Please feel free to reach out to mods as well if you need help locating the controller!