SB110’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello! Welcome to my ATC Tracking Thread!

First off, I am not planning on joining IFATC or TSATC. I’m doing this just to get knowledge on ATC controlling and getting better at it.



Open at NZAA (Auckland International Airport - AKL)

* Runway 23L in use!
* Pattern work allowed
* All aircraft accepted

Come on down south to a lovely summer in New Zealand’s main airport!

Credit to @Qantas094 for giving tips on running an ATC Tracking Thread! 😁👍 He is very reliable!

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In order to open an ATC Tracking Thread, you must be planning on joining IFATC.

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What sever??

@Qantas094, can you tell him what you told me please?

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Training, of course. 😉

Ok I’ll do a super short flight look for New Zealand 624

Or you can do some pattern work! I’d love that more! 😁 your choice though.

Please don’t make an argument over if he can have one or not because this is what Chris said;

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Thank you, @Qantas094. I appreciate it.


So, who’s coming? 😁😁😁😁

Not an argument at all.

And my apologies, this isn’t how it used to be, had no idea this was a changed rule as this message was within a TT instead of as a topic itself.

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Thank you, @AsternDestroyer. I appreciate it.


Do u have me on radar

No, I don’t see you.

I see you on ‘incoming planes to nzaa’, but you are 260 miles away. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be controlling until when you arrive here. Perhaps some pattern work if you want atc? Your choice.

Attention, I’m closing in 2 minutes, sorry for the short notice.

I am now closed from NZAA! Good day!