SB110’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello! Welcome to my ATC Tracking Thread!

First off, I am not planning on joining IFATC or TSATC. I’m doing this just to get knowledge on ATC controlling and getting better at it.



Open at NZAA (Auckland International Airport - AKL)

* Runway 23L in use!
* Pattern work allowed
* All aircraft accepted

Come on down south to a lovely summer in New Zealand’s main airport!

Credit to @Qantas094 for giving tips on running an ATC Tracking Thread! 😁👍 He is very reliable!

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In order to open an ATC Tracking Thread, you must be planning on joining IFATC.

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What sever??

@Qantas094, can you tell him what you told me please?

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Training, of course. 😉

Ok I’ll do a super short flight look for New Zealand 624

Or you can do some pattern work! I’d love that more! 😁 your choice though.

Please don’t make an argument over if he can have one or not because this is what Chris said;

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Thank you, @Qantas094. I appreciate it.


So, who’s coming? 😁😁😁😁

Not an argument at all.

And my apologies, this isn’t how it used to be, had no idea this was a changed rule as this message was within a TT instead of as a topic itself.

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Thank you, @AsternDestroyer. I appreciate it.


Do u have me on radar

No, I don’t see you.

I see you on ‘incoming planes to nzaa’, but you are 260 miles away. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be controlling until when you arrive here. Perhaps some pattern work if you want atc? Your choice.

Attention, I’m closing in 2 minutes, sorry for the short notice.

I am now closed from NZAA! Good day!

Open at KATL (Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport - ATL)

* Landing Runways 8L, 8R, 9R
* Departing Runways 8R, 9L
* Pattern work allowed!
* All aircraft accepted!

Come on down to Atlanta and drop by to do some patterns or depart to somewhere!

KATL Ground and Tower are now closed! Good day!


Open at KSEA (Seattle-Tacoma “SeaTac” International Airport)

* Landing Runways 34L, 34C
* Departing Runways 34C, 34L
* Pattern work allowed!
* All aircraft accepted!