SB110 ATC at Juneau PAJN

Kudos to all the great improvements infinite flight over the last year and a half. It’s a lot more intense, realistic, and fun.

I have a question about aircraft sizes. I had a very good controller SB110 out of Juneau Alaska, this very day, originally came in with a 787, that was too big. Then I came in with a 757, which I knew that airport could accommodate, and was told that was also too large, but was not able to communicate that to the controller. There were gates at PAJN that accommodated the 767.

For future reference, I found the following article:


Hmmm, I would PM @SB110 since the B757 can fit at PAJN. That should be the maximum sized aircraft that can fit at PAJN


Hi there! Thanks for coming to PAJN earlier. Yes, I remember telling you that, and it is my mistake for not allowing a 757. I realized that right after you spawned out. A great tool for controllers is which lists the different gates and what aircraft are allowed. I did not see the 757 listed there, but I realized shortly after that they are capable due to PAJN’s runway length.

Sorry about this! You are 100% correct, the 757 can fly to/from PAJN because of its short-field capabilities.

However, the 787 definitely cannot fly from PAJN, possibly the 767. I’m not too sure, but I don’t want to risk it because indicates only aircraft up to Class Charlie can fly:

(More info on PAJN from


The Boeing 767-300/ER can fly into PAJN. However, there are no scheduled commercial flights with the type.

Example: Roman Abramovich’s Boeing 767-300 | Juneau International Airport, Alaska.


How does one send a private message in If? Community.

Ok, so click on the person’s profile picture and then you’ll see a blue button that says “Message.” Click on that and then you just have to create a title on an opening about why you’re PM’ing that specific user

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Much appreciated.


If you see there is no 757 on the list, but if you see there is the A321 that is more less the same size so you can take it as reference

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