Says no sub wth you guys said its fixed

plz help me me it says i dont have a sub when I do and I wont let me log into my iPad

same here also on ipad

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Try refreshing

The entire IF game is having this issue. The IF team is working to fix this. Please be patient. There are plenty of posts right not of people expressing there issues and opinions. Once the server issue is fixed you should be back to normal

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Just keep restarting the app until it goes away

ye but it says i am grade one why tho and my ipad is creating a new account when i log in cause it says no sub and also says i am grade one i have been waiting for very long now

as i said above, unexpected bugs came about and are causing people to go in and out of servers, make it seem like subscriptions are missing and gone.
@schyllberg and the IF team are working their hardest to fix the issue. Patience will be needed

Known issue, please be patient. It’s probably gonna keep flickering like this for a while. Traffic is exceptionally high