Says I have no WiFi but I do


So my problem is I want to buy new planes and regions but it says i’m not connected to WiFi or something like that even though I am connected. I use IOS by the way, so, what do I do?


Did you quit out of the app and restart your phone? You can also try forgetting your wifi network and reconnecting
Btw the only way you can unlock regions is to go pro


As in regions, I mean like where you’re at like you’re in Hawaii or New York, and I wanna buy those, i’m new kinda so yeah might be same thing or not, they the same thing?


If you have the Hawaii Region and can buy them…

You’ve got a very old version of Infinite Flight, pre-global to be exact.


You can’t buy regions. You have to get pro. As I recall, airplanes are only unlocked by buying pro


It’s maybe because you got a pre-global version of IF, then it won’t connect to the server.
What’s your device?


Wooohooo that’s ancient tech right there


KLAX-KNUC was the most famous route lol


Hey this has happened to me before try this

Turn WiFi off and leave for 5 mins then turn back on then wait 1 min later then go to IF then see if it works

Thanks for reading 😉🙂


Idk but this ipad is like 4 to 5 years old


9.3.5 to be exact I think


Yes, You will need a newer device to play IF.


sigh… okay


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