Saying opinions

Sorry but closed to stop people saying Opinions? Isn’t that the whole point of this website?!

We should honestly start our own if website so we can actually say what we want


The point of the forum is to talk about aviation, not your opinions.


He said not to stop us from saying our opinions


They are aware of the issue. At some point it becomes very repetitive if everyone keeps saying the same thing right?

Like they said this isn’t a chat room, this is a professional forum for a game.


So a business and not a community anymore

The point of @ran 's topic was to discuss, not argue, not invade privacy, not to fight.

That’s why the topic was closed as it would eventually evolve into a huge argument if not closed

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We stopped because some things are getting personal and could turn ugly if it had continued. Wait till it dies down a bit and then move on. I’m sure Marc will open it again.

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By closing that topic are certainly not trying to stop anyone from sharing their opinion on the matter. The topic was closed as it was getting more and more off topic as Marc said in the post you showed.

If you have any ideas on how to improve the forum our inbox is always open.


Also, just to clarify because I believe there’s been a misunderstanding, let me quote myself:

In other words: I didn’t close the topic to stop you from saying what you wanted to share. The reasons why I actually closed it are stated in the closing message 😊

Thanks everyone!