Saying Goodbye to Virgin America @ KSFO - 200100ZJAN17

Server: Training

Region: San Francisco, California

Airport: KSFO

Time: 0100Z

Aircraft: Airbus A320


NOTAM: As some of you may know, Virgin America will be stopping operations in about 24 hours, and I thought it would be respectful to give our condolences to Virgin America and fly one last flight to the hub of the airline that overtook them, Alaska Airlines. Further info can be found out below.

Flight Plan

(the Flight Plan will be p in a couple of minutes)

Gate Assignments

Gate C40: @AllegiantAir
Gate C41: @AndrewWu
Gate C42: @ItzEhs
Gate C43: @EpicLegend29
Gate C44: @MQthederp
Gate C45: @
Gate C46: @
Gate C47: @

(More gates will be added if needed)

Flight Information

Route: KSFO - KSEA
Aircraft/Livery: Virgin America A320
Cruising altitude: 30,000 Ft
Cruising Speed: Mach 0.78
Callsign: please use a Virgin American callsign

If you would like to come, please say so above so I can get you added! Hope to see you come pay your respects to the wonderful airline of Virgin America!


Where on earth did you hear that?
If that was true, it would be all over the aviation internet by now. I haven’t heard a thing about it…


It’s so sad to see this go, unfortunately I won’t be able to make it


Here is the source of this news 😊

Hmm, I’ll try to look if I’ll be free at that time

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No more Redwood callsign, Alaska acquired Virgin America. All Virgin aircraft will be operated as Alaska Airlines. Cabin retrofit will come soon.

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They aren’t officially till april, but there “redwood” callsign will now be “Alaska” which basically means they are officially part of the airline


Thanks for letting me know! Just the way you said it, made it seem like there would be no more Virgin America planes flying in the air, and they’d officially be 100% merged.

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Oh lol sorry bout that, they will still be using the Livery and lighting, just will be used under the airline name of “Alaska Airlines or callsign “Alaska”

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Can I have a gate???

Yes you may, Gate C41 is yours!

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Yes you may, Gate C42 is yours!

I couldn’t attend anyway

Sadly, my life subscription ends on the 18, sorry if I couldn’t come

@RTG113 They aren’t stopping all flights, they are just Stopping the virgin callsign and brand, like they said above. Alaska will be repainting all the virgin planes in the next 2-4 years. and from now on the remaining a321NEO orders will be painted in Alaska!

Basically the Virgin America operating certificate expires and alaska’s Will take over, which means, yes, all boring America flights will be operated under the Alaska group.

Can I have a gate please?

Yah, I added you. Hope to see you there!

Well since this is a farewell event for Virgin America, would it not make sense to at least depart out of the twrminal they currently use? You have C gates listed which are in Terminal 1 at SFO. Virgin America uses gates D50-D55 in Terminal 2.

I’m willing to join if the event is made more realistic by switching to the actual gates that they use.

And a fyi for anyone who’s interested;
The Virgin America brand is officially retired on April 24. Flights will still be operated as Virgin America. The only thing changing short term is the livery. Cabin retrofits begin in October.

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Hi can I have a gate please?

I’m sorry but I’m going to stick with the original gates, hope you still consider coming