Saying goodbye to the old Cessna 172 model

Saying goodbye to the Cessna 172 old model.

Here are some photos I have taken to commemorate the current model as we soon say goodbye.

For those who didn’t know. The old Cessna 172 has a pilot holding the yoke instead of on his lap. I’m guessing they don’t animate the arms because of current device performance.


Good old cessna… F

They actually don’t animate the arms in most sims. There’s a few planes in Xplane 11 like that but it’s very buggy


Glad the C172 is getting reworked, but I’ll miss the old pilot without his hands awkwardly on his lap.

I see you joined the Memoji trend @TheFlyingGuy1.


Sad to see it go but life is life and things will go and come and we will all make it thru;)

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soon we will have working instrument I can’t wait

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thanks for giving me nightmares eyeless pilot

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