Saying goodbye to Infinite Flight

Dear Infinite Flight pilots and aviation lovers,

After a solid 5 years of flying in IF, I am saying goodbye to this incredible mobile sim with an amazing community supporting it.

5+ years, 5,034 flight hours, 891 landings and 3,157,421 XP is what I am leaving behind. I am on the verge of buying a gaming pc and continuing my flight sim adventures on a PC flight simulator. I enjoyed flying on IF and participated in many events. Seen this mobile sim grow from pattern work flights at KNUC to flying global whenever I want, whereever I want.

I haven’t done my last flight and therefore I want to ask the community to suggest me a final route to fly and end my “pilot career” on this mobile simulator.

I wish everyone many safe flights and I will definitely keep an eye on the progress this sim makes.



Hey, sad to see you go. Here are some route suggestions :)

  1. RPLL - KJFK
  2. VHHH - KLAX
  3. YSSY - WSSS
  4. NTAA - LFPO
    Hope you like them!
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I have suggest you my favorite route its From Frankfurt to Auckland in the Lufthansa B747-8 with an Fuel Stop at Hongkong

The best route I can recommend you is taking the C208 for a spin between Hilo and Kahului with Mokulele


I would suggest the Stockholm - Los Angeles route with the A350!

Enjoy your final final flight mate! 🤝

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I would suggest EGLL-KLAX
Fun one.
Cheers mate! Sad to see you go enjoy your final flight the community will miss you! 👋

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If you want a long haul I do like LFPG-WSSS or short haul LFPG-LSGG. But very sad to see you go, so enjoy your last flight and good luck for the rest of your pilot career !

Something with freakin amazing scenery like in the Alps, Rockies, Alaska (the part with 3D mountains lol), or New Zealand, to name a few. Make it something awesome. Another suggestion is any flight that you might have an emotional attachment to (like the route of your first real flight, first IF flight, or something like that idk)

We’ll miss you and we hope you return at some point ✈️

Is there a way you could give this to me.

it’s a joke

Here is a classic!

Atlanta to Los Angeles on the Delta B757-200

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Those were some prime days


Do the route that started it all, KLAX-KSFO
we will miss you, good luck!

You are always welcome to come back to Infinite Flight and the community! Stay safe and Enjoy!

  • Av-Booney

Best flight I like to do is PHNL - KJFK (American Airlines)

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To be honest, Look for a route to Kai Tak, With a challenging approach and 3D Buidlings should be a great way to end.

If you looking for Mountains, KSEA-PAJN is totally the one.

Sad to see you go!

Man I remember those early live days at KNUC. Proud of how far we’ve come though. The community will miss you!

Wow! a lot of XP! i only have 500,000! good luck with your gaming PC!

If you have already decided for your last flight in the IF!
Please let us participate and fly together, take photos and record some videos.

So that the last flight is always remembered.

Best Regrads

Singapore Airlines KJFK-WSSS or vice versa.

or do one of the first routes in the game. KNUC-KSFO!

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