Saying Goodbye to FNF

And hopefully no IFATC officers giving everyone violations…


Thank you to the staff members who put on hundreds of these official events, consistently every week for 7 years! 🙌🏻


I never said that was a good thing 😂

This is somewhat sad, but I’m so excited to see members’ events be featured! May the good times live on :)

This is what I was afraid of… another good thing to go… that’s so sad…
I hope some new events of this kind will be officially hosted, these have always more impact than community ones

Why? I don’t understand why FNF is gone☹️

NO MORE GA DAYYYYYSSSSSS :(:(:(:( @Kostas_K can your next one be GA or Military please??? Or anyone else too :)

The worst part is that I won’t even be able to attend this one. And knowing that we’ll never have these again…

BRB, weeping.


Now you do

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RIP…FNF it was fun while we had you and had memorable experiences …including my very first GHOST as a newbie flying into another aircraft in a congested FNF airspace… Well as Jason says good things come to an end…but it is only the Beginning of Better Things! 🤞🤞🤞

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Why are they ending it?

That’s why

ok so can the community do FNF?

not that it’ll be endorsed by IF or anything

I think it would be a little odd to name an event FNF after the brand is retired. I’d advise against that.


What are the benifits of FNF coming to an end? Or are there any?


My emotions are all messed up now, fnf is such an amazing thing to do. Its so hard to say goodbye.


Fridays ‘n Flying. All servers.
Or a TGIF Night.
I’m still in denial, sorry.


Truly the end of an IF era.


very much so a sad ending, my profile shows how im feeling about this right now

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I don’t understand how deleting one of the community’s all time favorite events is community centric but sure… sad to see this seemingly staple of IF culture go. Stripping IF of this is like taking the staple off of our packet of community. We’ll still find ways to have fun in the future though!