Saying Goodbye to FNF

will there still be Official Infinite Flight streams or how will things go on now?

There will still be streams. They will incorporate them into other events.

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No man plz don’t say that i’ll be shattered to pieces i used get excited all week for fnf man plz don’t😭😭😭😭😭😭hear me hear us infinite flight plz

Of course there will.

…keep an eye out on our community forum’s events category for more details in the coming weeks and months as we make this transition

Do some reading before commenting, friends.


oh ok, i had read the article, i just didn’t understand well the new events coming in…

FNF was what actually got me into this community, many many years ago now. I’d gotten my sub and stumbled across a large number of aircraft, all Air Berlin. I’d joined the community a short while before the event and joined in as it seemed fun, and the rest is history. Specifically, this event:

Cringe post warning:

It’s a shame to see that such a household name, FNF, will no longer be gracing the community. As with any decision though, I’m sure there is a valid reasoning for it, and I hope that in the future we will see something as spectacular to bring us all together in flight. And though he isn’t here anymore, a big thanks goes out to @MishaCamp for maintaining these events for many years.

All good things come to an end eventually, all you can do is wait and see what comes in its place.


Wait is this because IF Are working hard on new features? I loved this event so much!! Reminds me of the good ol days…


Me too i was in all fnf events since 2014

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The biggest benefits are the spotlight and voice given to our ever-creative community. Our virtual airlines are made up of extremely passionate users who will now have an opportunity to showcase their organization, airline, and represented region of the world.

The IFC #live:events category is full of incredibly unique events that we’d love to showcase and be a part of.


Well… maybe… but at no other point have I seen airports with 300+ arrivals

Looks like you’ve got a nice goal to set for yourself! Start creating.


its now 1am in china,and i have school tmo,but i cant fall asleep because of this,so sad… hard to say good bye…

FNF is now truly a emotion we gonna miss

Really sad to see this go - this was a staple of the IFC.

But the integration of live streams for community made events sounds exciting!


Sad to have a Grand Finale of FNF Event. But after reading in the Blog,

Moving forward, our team will be incorporating your events into our official communications and live stream schedules! Like all things Infinite Flight, we plan to iterate and evolve as we follow the community’s lead. We’re excited about this new direction for our official events where we can showcase your creativity and hard work in planning events for friends, virtual airlines, and virtual organizations.

It’s a good alternative because I know all staff or mods are pretty hands full from rework, development, solving issues / bugs and etc. It’s understand that.

I thought it was also the end of Live streams, I was wrong. I can’t wait for the new chapter.


Sad to see the end of FNF. But i am already exited for the further events that will happen on Friday.

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7 years… God, that’s awhile. Really sad to see FNF go, but I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Its sad but yet convincing at some point

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thank you fnf, someday will be remembered. I used to join fnf but on a casual server because I’m still a beginner., So maybe I Will Remember someday

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It’s sad to see this disappear. I remember controlling my first FNF. It was the most fun I’ve ever had. Sad to see it go but hopeful for the future.