Saying Goodbye to FNF

Now for the new one! Let’s call it Saturday Night Live 😁


Hmmm I see some copyright issues cropping up. Can’t imagine why though.


Nooooo. All the sneak peaks. 😭😞


Not sure but I think that’s already a thing…


Wow! The days where controllers would do mass coordination and a system would flow. From the view of a pilot, the mass chaos on the ground and delays in the air. It will be missed big time. Hope to see days where there can be major turn out to experience the FNF moments.


Oh I just have a feeling this last FNF will be so crowded…

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Please be April Fools, please be April Fools, please be April Fools.

This is going to be tough, always having a place to go for Friday nights was awesome, knowing ATC will be there, knowing it will be traffic packed.

I know this is bound to happen as change is inevitable. However, I cannot wait to how this does.


Sad to see that event go, it was something amazing for the whole community but not only for the community, also for the VA/VO’s. This will miss us a lot but I’m sure you guys, at Infinite Flight have idea in mind of something new !

Thanks for all of those years with that event every friday!


Oh don’t worry - there will still be regular events and mass chaos 😂


I think the biggest issue with this change is that if you flew into a smaller airport in FNF, it would be similar to a normal flight except you have a much higher chance of getting ATC. Whereas for most other events there are usually so many people departing at once you have to wait in line.
It will be a good idea for people to start planning events that have more scattered departure times just to avoid these line ups.

Hopefully so! I am busy that day but I will find time to fly and control. Need to experience this one more time.


And hopefully no IFATC officers giving everyone violations…


Thank you to the staff members who put on hundreds of these official events, consistently every week for 7 years! 🙌🏻


I never said that was a good thing 😂

This is somewhat sad, but I’m so excited to see members’ events be featured! May the good times live on :)

This is what I was afraid of… another good thing to go… that’s so sad…
I hope some new events of this kind will be officially hosted, these have always more impact than community ones

Why? I don’t understand why FNF is gone☹️

NO MORE GA DAYYYYYSSSSSS :(:(:(:( @Kostas_K can your next one be GA or Military please??? Or anyone else too :)

The worst part is that I won’t even be able to attend this one. And knowing that we’ll never have these again…

BRB, weeping.


Now you do

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