Saying Goodbye To 2022!

Hello, IFC!

As you may know, the year 2022 is almost over. I know there is at least one good thing you made or happened during 2022 in Infinite Flight that you will remember when 2023 arrives.

The best memory and accomplishment I could have completed in Infinite flight during 2022 was joining the IFATC team. Joining IFATC was the best decision I could’ve made, and I will never regret it. What about you? I will miss 2022 for many reasons.😢

What is one important thing or accomplishment you made or happened during 2022 in Infinite Flight that you will remember when the new 2023 year comes?

Will you miss the year 2022?


Well I would say this is more IFC related but it has been creating 3 official events within the past 5 months.


I joined the IFC this year and I’ve really liked the experience. One thing that I’m proud of is my staff position at @DHLExpressVirtual . I joined their staff team late July and now I’m an executive there. That’s something I didn’t plan to happen to quick lol.

Probably. Not because of IF though.


My best memory in IF is that I tried hard and studied ATC to join the IFATC team and i made it!Also,in IF I explored many famous sites in the world such as Kilimanjaro,and the Himalayas.I may not have the chance to explore them in reality,but I can explore them in IF!All in all,I had a great time.Hope 2023 even better!
By the way,really really thank to @TaipeiGuru for sparing no effort to teach me and help me join the IFATC!


Got to get going on making events, and simply got more into events which in turn got me to know some other users around these parts!

But specifically in IF, it would be back to grade 4

Hard to tell really. I’d probably miss the year it self since time just keeps going

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started to play IF

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In 2022 I returned to Infinite Flight after 2 years.
In 2022 I got interested in IFATC.
In 2022 I applied for IFATC.
In 2022 I met my amazing recruiter.
In 2022 I got into IFATC and met tonnes of amazing people.
In 2022 I had an absolute joy controlling and experiencing the community events.
In 2022 I started radar training and
In 2022 I strive to do great things in 2023.

An absolute terrific year but I won’t miss it, I will simply cherish it in my IF history book :).


Well I started playing IF in late August, and within a span of 4 months I’ve reached G3, logged almost 700 flight hours, and joined 5 VAs, and I hope to stay here for much longer

Probably not but that isn’t due to IF reasons

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Will def miss 2022! I also joined IFATC, became officer, joined IFAET. Very good year!

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For the first time ever, I learn to do long-haul flights and I reached grade 3 too.

For sure

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I would say joining 5 wonderful VAs and having passed the milestone of 1000 flight hours at the beginning of the year ! :)

Yes and no ;)

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In 2022… i got back to IF after a year
In 2022… ive become grade 3 for the first time ever
In 2022… ive applied for IFAET
In 2022… i took a break over the Summer
In 2022… i got into IFAET and started editing airports
In 2022… i realised IF is truly the best.


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