Saying good bye to the past by Cathay Pacific Virtual @ VHHH - 210300ZOCT18

Event Description:

For our first official vCX event, we will be remembering two of our aircraft. B-HNL which was the first 777 built and B-KPB, the 777-300ER with the spirit of Hong Kong livery. Both of them are retrofitted in Xiamen and we will fly that route to remember them.

Server: Training

Airport: VHHH


Flight plan: Copy when spawned in

Flight time: Approximately an hour and 30mins

Time: 0300Z or in your time zone → October 21, 2018 3:00 AM

Plane: Boeing 777-300ER Cathay Pacific livery

Load: 2 passengers and no cargo

Gate Assignments

Gate E1: (IFHK lead)
Gate E2: @Captain_Millz
Gate E3: @Anawin_Roongsaengjan
Gate E4: @Captain_Nick
Gate S21: @Rishon_R
Gate S23: (Reserved for IFHK)
Gate S25: (Reserved for IFHK)
Gate S27: (Reserved for IFHK)
Gate S29:
Gate S31:

Spare: @Hinata
More gates will be added if needed

Even though it is for the training server, please also maintain professionalism when flying. This includes listening to ATC and respecting other pilots

Please maintain at least 10NM spacing between each aircraft.

Join Cathay Pacific Virtual:

Anyone who joins the VA after this event gets 5 free hours as an exchange for this flight.

Note: Our last event was to see if we should hire the person as an event manager. But since it “cancelled” we decided to use this as our actual event to represent what the VA is truly about.


Captain Millz is in

Roger and your gate is gate E2

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Sweet ill be there

I want to attend but it’s 5am so I might not be able to attend. I’ll try to but don’t sign me a gate.;)

Roger, you are listed as a spare right now


@Captain SAVA will be present at the event.

How many people should we expect?

To better suit the needs of our asian members, our time has been moved earlier to 0300Z :)

can you still join the event even though you’re not in the VA?

Yes feel free to join

JESSE , with you.

E3~reee (Dis is a very short route for 777 tho)

You’re labelled down for gate E3, see you there

E4, please. Thanks.

Hi, i will take gate S21

@Captain_Nick @Rishon_R Your gates have been added to the list

Hi, may I get a gate?

wait did you all already finish this?

According to the title, the event is on the 21st of October at 0300Z. :)