Saying G’day to the Mods!

G’day IFC,
Today I’ve been on a mission photographing IF moderators, staff, and developers out in the wild! I’ve managed to get photos of 3 IF Staff just doing their thing!

Starting it off we have @Levet over the skies of France 🇫🇷 descending into Paris!

Next, we have @schyllberg parked at East Midlands International Airport in the UK 🇬🇧, I don’t think he was expecting an F-22 that close to him!

Finally, we have the one, the only, Laura! I’m not sure what she was up to (my guess is helping the scenery of NY22 as it could use a bit of help) but I’m sure that whatever she was doing, it was to help us IF users!

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Just to clarify, Laura was right next to me but I believe she was doing something that made her invisible!

I’d give Laura some room, like a Concorde length of room. When they test stuff you won’t be able to see their aircraft, and you never know what they are flying.

She was probably testing X-cub

Or maybe the A350

Nice I never find mods.

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