Saying Farewell: The FedEx Virtual Way


In case you haven’t heard, our valued beloved community member @Captain_Lufty has decided to take a break from Infinite Flight.
So we, as members of FedEx Virtual Group thought: why not give him the send-off he deserves?


Cool Info

Server: Expert
Airport: Austin-Bergstrom International, KAUS

Part A: Air Refuelling

So me, being a dummy dum dum, did not fill up my F-18 with enough fuel. So what’s the solution we came up with? Do an air refuelling of course!

Part B: The final landing.

After doing a low pass over Runway 18R, it was time for Lufty’s final full-stop landing. Gaurav, Christian and I were ready to make this special moment valuable and as a final salute for his time as a valued community member.

Part C: The Final Shutdown

And here’s where it ends: when the shutdown checklist is complete.


Take a look at Lufty’s topic here!


Oh yeah man thank you, appreciate this a lot, excellent gesture!! Wish you all the best too! What a flight!


This was just amazing!!


well, farewell to @Captain_Lufty, even if he’s already gone 🫡

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Farewell @Captain_Lufty! Here’s to clear skies ahead, boss :D

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hope you had a good time here on the IFC @Captain_Lufty. i wish you well. 🫡

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