Say to ATC there are several frequencies

I very often get, on the ATC playground server, lets say a tower, that asks me to contact them while I am on the approach frequency and still far from the airport, or i am on ground frequency and another ground tells me to contact them.
I think we need something maybe in the misc messages saying to the other frequencies that we are already on one.
This has annoyed me quite a few times.
What do you think ?


They can tell what you are tuned to if they click on your plane. I agree it is annoying and is really based on ignorance on the controllers part. I have had this happen too many times unfortunately on playground.

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Yeah, but a message will make them more aware, i think

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I agree, something like the already existing ‘unable’ message…? For example if an all too often over keen tower sends you an on guard way too early, you could respond with something worded like ‘unable, currently communicating with approach’ etc?

You can even see when they choose the frequency on the page. But they still get on it even though someone else is there