Say Intentions

It means to state what you want to do

But I said, I wanted to go to Brussels.

The correct ppl WHO Can help is The approach Controller, i Know who… @anon66442947 Can help you 👍🏻

if YOU file a FPL We will know your intentions. Many many do NOT file a FPL Thank you


Yeah, but then why did the controller ask Say intentions, when I had my FPL filed?

Say flight following

If you were going to Brussels why you were on Duesseldorf Approach?

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Because EDDL tower told me to contact it.


So you departed from EDDL?

Yeah … I thought I mentioned that …

Sometimes approach acts as departure when there isn’t a departure guy online


Been in this situation too ask for flight following and altitude change

Okay, but (no offense) that doesn’t answer my question …

If departure isn’t available then approach takes care of departing traffic too, right?

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I was talking to the other guy. sorry

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Yes it does but arrivals are first

Don’t ask for “Flight Following” that’s for GA aircraft not if you are in Airliner. If you have a flight plan filed then you request "Radar Vectors ".


thank you for clarification

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If you are departing from EDDL and heading for EBBR,there is nothing wrong if the tower transfers you to approach frequency(when departure isn’t available) and there’s nothing wrong for you to request an RV to EBBR which is your destination airport. Usually approach or departure frequency will assign you a heading,altitude,sometimes a speed as well if your destination airport has a busy airspace. He will also transfer you to the destination Unicom or approach whichever is at vicinity- ATC supervisor.


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