Say intentions while passing through.

I need to look into these airspace levels, I didn’t know they existed in IF. I jumped to Advanced server recently and I quickly learned that I don’t always know what to say and when.

Can I ask one more question on here? When calling position in regards to runways. Which runway do you choose? Left base for runway 270 is right crosswind to runway 09. Does it not matter which one you call? Let’s say both runways are open, should you figure out the active runway first?


If your turning left its left if your turning right it’s right

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This will come in handy for next time.
After requesting radar vectors, I assume my flight plan will become useless, how do I keep going then?

I usually request flight following to destination and continue following my plan. When connected to final approach frequency, I request approach.

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If your not in the way we can still have you resume your own navigation

If you don’t use a GA call sign please stop doing that

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How else should someone state to th approach/departure/center his intention to follow flightplan? If on airliner?

So Center/Tower will always direct me to my destination, and tell me when to start to descend, and I delete my flight plan.
And all that should go without problems on Advanced, but not in Playground, is all of this correct?

You can’t request ILS approach when too far away, and I don’t need vectors since my plane has GPS, so I will just proceed on course.

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You don’t commercial aircraft while they do follow a flight plan are always receiving vectors and altitudes by a controller. Flight following is a luxury to VFR GA aircraft

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Go for it ask for flight following your going to get a check the help pages and be vectored anyway. I really don’t care if you don’t want to learn how it should work.

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Then, what should we, pilots, do?

Really request radar vectors on each departure/center/approach, from the beginning of flight( by the way, how is it possible with our system, i mean 500 ft/ 10 degrees steps.);What should be the answer of controller?

or just silently follow our own flightplan until final approach frequency?

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Yes if your in a commercial aircraft that’s really what you should request

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Thank You, Good Day, Siberian 327 😉

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It was always my understanding that flight following was for smaller GA aircraft. Thank you all for your responses, this has helped me tremendously. ATC is a work in progress as someone said earlier. BTW thank you to all of you that provide ATC, I’ve tried it myself a few times on ground control and it wasn’t the most fun task. Thank you for taking the time to provide ATC because for me, it makes the sim.


Please see disclaimer below. 😆. Just trying to be helpful and educational.😆. No judgement here or anything like that. Just some helpful info…k?

☆☆☆ Class B (and C) transitions… In Real Life (IRL) ☆☆☆

For the sake of this thread… I’ll only refer to class B.
A Class B transition is ONLY required for VFR (visual flight rule) pilots. A commercial or instrument rated pilot would never ask for a transition. A commercial flight must always have a flight plan filed and therefore always be under IFR rules and always be handled by all class b ATC available.

Now… a VFR pilot can fly over or under Claws B airspace but there are restrictions there too, if you look at a flight sectional you’ll see most Class B airspaces look like an upside down wedding cake. These are the different rings around a busy airport. Basically… they are designed to keep VFR traffic out of the way of the airliners coming in and out of a busy airport Also…on the sectionals, there are there are designated “terminals” or… spots where VFR are permitted to request the transition. There are typically about 20nm from the airport in the class B. Like in Phoenix… if you are north of PHX and requesting a transition south… you HAVE to be between Squaw Peak and Metro center if you aren’t…or… you screw up any steps…l you ain’t getting in to the airspace and gonna get VFR’ed around. That sucks, the VFR route is gonna add about 40 minutes of flight time. 😕. They are very busy controllers and don’t have time for Cesssna jocky’s 😉.

Below is a good link to some Class B transition rules, do’s and Dont’s.

Now, Brandon_Sandstrom makes excellent points regarding IF… as he typically does from reading some of his posts. It seems like very few controllers check your flight plan. Hey… they do some things that irritating the hell out of me like… clearing me for takeoff right after i just entered the damn server and I’m still working on my flight plan and preflight check list😕. But… like most pilots… they aren’t real controllers just like most pilots aren’t real pilots. That and… even asking for my intentions. If i have a file FP and am at FL,335 at 500knts… I damn sure aint heading to your runway😕

So… Transitions are only for VFR pilots IRL. IF… it’s a great sim for mobile devices but… it aint IRL😆

SO…here’s my disclaimer. I hope to be posting more to help out and… trying to learn more of the IFA world now that I have a new fast tablet that can handle LIVE at LAX😁

I get a kick out of reading some of these threads. IF is trying to get as close to IRL (IN REAL LIFE) as possible but… it is a game and most pilots don’t have a background education in aviation. Hey… that’s cool man. But… threads like this show some people really want to learn and…that’s awesome! Being a pilot isnt just a simpe thing. It takes hundreds of hours of study and… life gets real different when you are actually in the pilots seat and not on a sim on your couch😉. I learned that my first lesson for my PPL.

So… i like to provide info and help educate anyone interested. But… i
I also try to keep un mind that… this is a game. So… the info provided is to just help educate and provide some examples or IRL piloting and… not necessarily IF sim life and rules. 😉. There’s just some things that just cant be done in IF or… would take the fun outta IF. There are already a few pilots out there on these threads that are a little too uptight😉

As far as my background, I help an PPL from 2004 to 2009. Medical issues arose and I can’t pass a flight med exam now. Bad back… spine surgeries… yea… sucks. So, reading these threads and having to go back and jog my memory has beem fun. I do love helping people. Especially with things I love… like aviation.


Flight plan or not, when asked, you should respond. It is REALLY simple! Request transition from tower and request radar vector from approach.

I don’t understand why people have to make things hard for themselves and other people by comparing IF to real life protocols.

Well that’s simple, as far as flight sims go you can play IF the game, or you can practice IF the simulator. I’ve said before that there shouldn’t be an ATC “playground”. There should be the IF playground, and then novice ATC simulator and advanced ATC simulator. There’s so much flexibility in this program to either treat it as a game or a legitimate simulator. Real life protocols make the game that much better to people that like to use it as a simulator.