Say Intentions when changing to next controller?

I would like to suggest some changes to make transitioning to the next controller more realistic. Right now, for example, if I am told by departure to contact center, I check in and am asked for my intentions.

If I have a flight plan filed, why do I need to state intentions? Listen to real world ATC, and you will just hear pilots check in and not say ‘requesting radar vectors’.

Maybe the ATC/flight plan system just needs to be improved to display the intentions of the pilot to ATC on first contact. For example, when I check in to approach, it will show that I want ils approach to my destination instead of having to clog communications with stating my intentions.

Any thoughts?


To be honest, I think we should be moving closer to real time voice ATC. Recruiters can select a small number of specialist individuals who speak clearly, informatively and can make quick decisions while maintaining complete professionalism; increasing the variety massively the detail of commands, perhaps a separate server.

It’s a long shot for sure, but none the less possible, eventually.

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The problem I have is that without the ILS approach request you can’t clear them and since I am ATC only on Playground sometimes people tend to land on a closed runway. I don’t want to vector them around when they’re just flying VFR so I ask for intentions

like i said, perhaps a separate server for mature and senior pilots. Would be small but fun, no need for trolls there, perhaps each pilot using mic would need confirmation by a moderator to fly on the server. Just a thought.

One of the problems here is the failure to file a Flight Plan. I note even on Advance ATC accepts aircraft into there airspace that have not filed. Commercial Aircraft must file its a FAR requirement. Flight plans must always identify terminal destinations by Code. If you file multi destinations the code for each terminal destination must be listed in the plan as a waypoint.
The use of Flight Plans should be initiated on the Playground. Playground Class “B” aerodromes should be restricted to Filed Aircraft. The plan is an ATC tool. Pilots must provide ATC’s the tool required to optimize operations. A filed flight plan if used correctly by ATC will reduce guard/intention calls. Over time ATC will recognize the benefit of checking the Plan before xmitting. Until “all” follow FAR procedures which are relatively simple this drum beat will continue.
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If, in your example, you are transferred from departure to center, and have a flight plan filed, center SHOULD NOT ask intentions. They should only issue a vector for collision avoidance. I know a lot of controllers aren’t currently following this procedure, but I just put something out about it yesterday to our controllers. Great timing! Hopefully, you’ll begin to see an improvement here. I know,personally, the less I have to bother a pilot, the more I enjoy the session!

Thanks for the feedback!


It would be unfair to exclude people from that though. Who is to say that just because you may only have 25,000XP that you are no better of a pilot that one that has 50,000XP and would be allowed on the ‘real ATC voice’ server?

My point is you can’t judge someone’s ability to comply with voice ATC based on XP/Flight time.

Also, I know when I was training ATC, I told them about this very thing. I hope recruiters still do that now as it is quite important ((:


“perhaps each pilot using mic would need confirmation by a moderator to fly on the server” - like i said, basing it on a mixture of things, but mainly each person using the voice commands would need to be confirmed by a recruiter/mod. But generally, people with 4 hours flight time generally art going to be as familiar with commands compared to someone with 400. But that said, even with 1 flying hour you are still entitled to apply for the voice command server.

Like i said, just a thought, makes FSX/Vatsim/X-plane incredibly rewarding!

I know a person with 700,000 XP (would have been more now). He doesn’t know what’s the meaning of “Line up and Wait”.


Yes, I had asked kind of the same question about filing a flight plan and am at the same simulation programming limit.

@Rotate … could you translate that into IF commands, please?

I just figured out what you’re talking about yesterday, well not exactly what but how!! The push for direct route … Thank-you

This is an old post, but the person that decides to spam their mic can just get ghosted.

Active voice ATC would be great. A much more realistic and rewarding experience I think. I hope it can be achieved on a IF on day(if possible since we play on phones, tablets, ect) I think it would have to be regulated closely, probably more than the ADV server is. But with a big addition to the game would come with more double topics on the forum and a extensive tutorial would have to be made. I would love to see it though.

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like an alert