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Hi guys,

During the past week I have just started playing Infinite Flight and have thoroughly enjoyed the application so far. I bought a monthly subscription for the ‘live’ mode a few days ago and have been playing on the servers quite frequently however, i have a small situation that I would like to be resolved.

I had just landed my aircraft and had taxied off the runway towards parking but the ATC kept saying ‘Say intentions’. When he said this i looked into the ATC menu but could not find an option that said something like ‘taxiing to parking’. The ATC kept saying ‘say intentions’ so I ended up just quitting the game as i didn’t want to get into trouble. I was just wondering if there was a feature in the ATC menu that means ‘taxiing to parking’

Thanks, Will


If you go to ‘request taxi’, at the bottom there is ‘taxi to parking’ 🙂


Make sure you stop before requesting too but don’t stop right after crossing the hold short line. Otherwise you might block other traffic trying to exit. So taxi up just a little, stop then request taxi.


thanks for the help guys!!


You dont need to stop while requesting taxi to parking. There’s no such rule. Tyler mentioned this on slack a couple of weeks back as well.


If this was yesterday and at KLAX that was probably me. Once you land switch over to ground control and get off the runway. Once clear of the runway stop at the hold short line and say clear of all runways and ask to taxi to parking. You don’t have to respond or say your intentions,you won’t be kind kicked from the game but it makes it easier for the ground control to orginize everyone. But If I don’t get repsoned I’ll watch you and see what your doing at try and give you the right commands.

You do not stop at the hold short line after clearing the runway you taxi past the hold short line to fully clear the runway, you are still considered on the runway If you are not past the hold short line. Also you do not have to stop taxing to request taxi to parking.


reason why you didnt see taxi to parking is because you were probably still connected to the tower rather than ground. Most of the time the controller will say to contact ground on the taxiway.

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