"Say Intentions" - FILE A FLIGHT PLAN!

This is getting out of hand. Flying in a fairly crowded Singapore airspace, looking around I see barely anyone with a flight plan filed. As a result, I think controllers don’t even bother to check flight plans.

I was asked for intentions twice immediately after check in with singapore approach along with everyone else. My flight plan brings me right into approach for WSSS active runways, so what do you think my intentions are? I was forced to request ILS approach 100nm from the airport.

So two things:





Said it before and I’ll say it again. No Plan, No ATC Service. Do an Obama, all it takes is a stroke of the pen. Max Sends

(VFR should file 1200 with Home Field and Final Destination if there is one)


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Unless I’m doing touch and goes or doing formation flying, or following David Israel in the casr of the Columbia River run, I do the same.

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Thank you I’m glad you brought this up, I’m shocked that people don’t file a flight plan . I mean that is the way pilots do in the real world. FDS didn’t put this feature there for no reason


At this time the ATC controller needs to ask for intentions and get a reply from the pilot “request ils approach”, otherwise this option doesn’t show for the controller.


I understand, but do I need to request that 100nm from the destination? Can’t I be vectored in closer before I am asked for intentions?

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Yes of course but when its busy its easier to already inform the pilot of the approach + runway he can expect. Not only for the ATC but also for the planning of the pilot.

I don’t have time to watch the whole movie but does this has to do something with the topic? It seems to be spam looking at your:

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You have to announce your intentions to the controller so they know what you want to do a flight plan doesn’t get you there.

Agreed, but if my FPL brings me into the ILS approaches to my destination, shouldn’t it be clear enough that you could vector me in for an ILS approach? Or ask if I want an ILS approach when I’m closer than 100nm away?

@Aernout when does ATC ask if you want an ILS approach in your A380?

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No because you can’t clear someone for the ILS if they don’t state that’s what they want. And in the aviation game assumptions are never correct that’s why everything is read back so both party’s fully understand

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So we should request the ATC system is improved.

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No you should state what your doing so everyone is on the same page. This is how it’s done weather it’s a sim or in real life you think pilots just say we’ll look at my flight plan to ATC so they know what that planes doing?

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If you don’t want ATC interaction fly on the free flight server.

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Watch videos of real life or even VATSIM and you will not hear controllers asking for intentions. When an aircraft checks in with approach they will usually only give altitude and maybe a heading if they are in a turn. ATC will vector according to the FPL filed (and traffic, weather, etc). Usually end up being vectored to the active runway and cleared for approach.

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Quite debatable topic…AR has got a point there…but i think in IF most controllers are looking for and give priority to ILS approach. This is because in a crowded airport its difficult to look through the strips to see who needs what as the communication is limited to certain phrases …

Can’t imagine people would fly commuter, regional or even bigger planes without filing flight plans first, especially on the Advanced Server… Maybe they are test pilots? 😄

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Never flew without a flight plan, I can’t!

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