Say hello to the newest 337.. And it's not a Cessna!

Yes! The 337 has been reintrodued not by Cessna but by the Los Angeles based company called Ampaire!

The Ampaire’s 337 is the same as a Cessna 337, instead of a Continental engine it’s replaced with Amprie’ electric-propulsion system. This is essentially a battery-powered electric motor. Although called a hybrid-electric airplane, it is not a hybrid in the sense of a hybrid automobile. The two powerplants are completely independent of one another, and the lithium-ion batteries that power the motor cannot be charged in flight.

Ampaire refers to this combination of powerplants as a “parallel hybrid,” meaning that “the two independent sources of power work in concert to optimize power output.” The company claims significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, and operating costs.

In its current configuration, the batteries must be charged following a flight or replaced with a charged battery pack standing by on the ground, a process that will eventually be accomplished in less than 15 minutes. In the 337’s final configuration, the ship’s batteries will occupy part of a cargo pod attached to the belly of the airplane so as not to take up space in the cabin.

Although the motor installed in the aircraft is capable of producing 180 kilowatts of power (240 hp), it currently is limited to an output of 160 kW (215 hp) so as not to exceed by very much the maximum power for which the airplane was originally certified. Fully charged batteries enable the motor to generate maximum power for five to six minutes but last substantially longer at lower power settings.

Performance of the Ampaire 337 is essentially the same as that of an unmodified Skymaster.

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Nice! I bet a lot of people will still call it a Cessna ;)


What idiot thought it would be a good idea to resurrect that drum can design! Ugliest freaking plane I’ve ever worked on hands down. 🤢


Oh hello ,nice to meet you

Not a fan personally

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