Say Hello to the new Marine One

the Sikorsky VH-92 landed for the first time on the South Lawn of the White House.
The helicopter is one of the prototypes or development aircraft currently being tested at US Naval Station Patuxent River.
The aircraft is also painted in the full operational color scheme with the white top reserved for the presidential fleet.
Current contract covers 17 production VH-92 to replace by 2023 the 11 VH-3D Sea King and 8 VH-60Ns White Hawk now in use.

The VH-92 is based off the Sikorsky S92 which is a twin engine medium lift helicopter.



Very nice. It is amazing the training and testing that the pilots have to go through. Perfect approach every time, landing in the exact spot every time. Skill…


You ever watch the documentary on the training and selection of Marine one pilots? Those guys are the best of the best for sure, I’m excited to see how they enjoy their new toy!


I wish I was the president now. Air Force 1, Marine 1, ect. That’s the life.


Can you link that documentary? I would love to watch it

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Found a new one watching it now

These look awesome!


These are so pretty. Thanks for sharing :)

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I actually like the Marine colors on the S92 it fits!

Isn’t these?! Such a beautiful ship 😍

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Beautiful is an understatement

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Dope looking heli! 😍

I agree. The livery itself really adds to it also. The whole presidential fleet including the Ospreys are something else!

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