Say hello to the new 2020 Skycranes!


Erickson Incorporated, a worldwide leading operator, maintainer, and
manufacturer of utility aircraft, announces new aircraft orders to be delivered in 2020 and 2021,
demonstrating further commitment by global customers to the platform.
Korea Forest Service (KFS) purchased another S-64 Air Crane® helicopter, which will add the K9
S-64 to their fleet. Recently, Erickson announced the delivery of K7 and K8 S-64 Air Crane®
helicopters to KFS. With the delivery of K9 set for 2020, this will bring KFS operational aircraft to
seven S-64 Air Crane® helicopters in South Korea.
In addition, Vigili del Fuoco (VVF), Italy, announced two S-64 aircraft sales. Erickson plans to
deliver one S-64F in 2020 and the second to be delivered in 2021. Both aircraft will support VVF
for firefighting and multi-mission emergency response support in Europe.
These orders signal continued demand for the S-64 around the world.
“The recent acquisitions of KFS and VVF reaffirms the S-64 Air Crane® as the premier forestry
defense and emergency response resource. The consistent investment in product improvement
and innovation has promoted customer confidence; we are thrilled to continue our partnership in
supporting their critical missions.” – Justin Saxbury, Senior Sales Director of Aerosystems


This helicopter looks small in this picture, but in reality it’s HUUUGE!! Thanks for sharing, very informative. 👍

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Hows this for size


Jesus Christ now that is MASSIVE

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Yep. Massive beast. Also great to see this Heli involved in Fire Activity. 🔥

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Okay first of all, don’t @ me for this but.

That’s what she…

Second, daaaang thats huge!

I absolutely hate that thing. But it is very good.

Absolute unit that guy is!

Whys that?

Just look at it.

You’re going have to explain your reason cause I don’t understand lol

It’s. So. Ugly.

Okay lol so you don’t like the looks that’s fine, the missions it does is absolutely perfect for it lol

Like I said.

Those helis are amazing. I still like planes more but just the sheer amount of weight those things can lift is fricking insane.

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Reminds me of this dude:


It sure is that dude!


Will share image when I have chance because they come to my GA home airport

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