Say Hello to the G500

Gulfstream has announced today that it has delivered the first all-new Gulfstream G500, officially marking the arrival of a new generation of Gulfstream.

"We’re proud of the work we and our suppliers have done to deliver a technologically advanced, all-new, clean-sheet aircraft that exceeds our customers’ expectations and continues the longstanding Gulfstream tradition of excellence,” said Mark Burns, president, Gulfstream.
The G500 received both Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) type and production certificates on July 20, 2018.
The G500 also established more than 20 new city-pair speed records during a high-speed world tour earlier this year. The tour, which covered 44 cities and 18 countries on six continents, demonstrated the G500’s reliability and maturity and showcased the cabin and flight deck to customers.


That jet looks amazing! Can’t wait to see it somewhere!

Wait aren’t they already developing the G650??? But nice job!

The 650 been a round for a while

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Wait then why is this one called the G500? Ik confused

Not really sure sorry!

It’s fine, time to do some research I guess!

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Do the sideways oval windows have to do with anything about pressure offloading/ distribution? Or it’s purleu a design and look thing.


Im confused. We have the IV, the V and the G650. Wouldnt this just be a V?

I believe so.

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Current production:
Gulfstream G650ER
Gulfstream G650
Gulfstream 600
Gulfstream 500
Gulfstream 550
Gulfstream 450
Gulfstream 280

That being said the 500 is going be replacing the 450 series, and the 600 coming soon will succeed the 650.

It’ll be interesting to see what type of ICAO codes the 550 and and 600 are givin

Gulfstream 500 = G500
Gulstream 550 = G550

the G550 and G600 are just better models with improved avionics of the GV and the GIV

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Looks amazing! I’d love to see it in real life!

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Omg congrats to gulfstrem I love there jets

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