Say hello to Africa! @LFPG 172000ZDEC19

Hello, pilots!

Welcome to another daily group flight! Today’s flight will, as always, be flying into tomorrow’s featured airports! This time, we will be exploring wild Africa, and what lays beneath its hot, beautiful Savana’s.

About Paris Charles De Gaulle

About Johannesburg O.R Tambo

Flight Details

Route: LFPG (Paris Charles De Gaulle) - FAOR (Johannesburg O.R Tambo)
Time: 2019-12-17T20:00:00Z
Server: Expert
Aircraft and Livery: Ethiopian A359 or Air France A359
Flight time: 10-11 hours (Depending on winds)
Flight Plan: Copy my flight plan
IFATC will most probably be present at time of arrival, so please act maturely and professionally. At Departure airport, we will be using Unicom, so please use it respectfully.

Thanks for looking, and see you there!

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To bad I have this lovely thing called finals…

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Haha, lucky for me my school finished 4 days ago! Good luck man!

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Come on guys! Lets have some people join this time!

Yeah…, I had a lonely trip too.
Btw, if you move the flight to training server I’ll definitely join

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Sorry mate, but there wouldn’t be ATC tomorrow on TS :(


Flight starts in 5 minutes guys! Spawn in 5 minutes!

Spawn now if you’re coming! Copy my flight plan

Well, unfortunately no-one came so I’ve done another route. LFPG - FIMP

Maybe next time! Have a nice flight 😊