Say Hello to 22.1

Here’s some of the really cool new features in the 22.1 Update, enjoy!!
(All pics are in Solo)

  1. Atlanta in 3D with Custom Tower and the much awaited UPS B748!!

  2. The Really Cool Custom TBIT at LAX!

  3. Denver with its new custom buildings and tower looking Amazing in the evening (A new tweak which isn’t told yet, Airport Terminal lights are MUCH improved!!)

  4. TRIPLE AeroBridges in action at OMDB!😍😍

  5. The Small but Cute London City and Innsbruck!

  6. An Amazing new feature, which is really useful!!

  7. Here’s the custom tower’s of @AF-KLM_VA and @QantasVirtualGroup !! Congrats!

I hope y’all liked the pictures,and happy 22.1!!😄


Do you live in India?

Umm, yes, it’s in my bio…😅

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Well i do too but I haven’t got the update

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Very cool!
Thanks for sharing.

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Damn, that was quick ahah 🔥
Good shots tho, well done bro !

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Thank You!!

Thanks!!! 😄

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Wow … India is such a beautiful place na …


Well, why hasn’t it come to me tho

Agreed 💯 but let’s not go off topic… you never know when A wannabe mod will report your comment…🤪🤪😂

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On Topic i was … I was talking about the beautiful airports … what you thought?

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one question, If you spawn at the gate are the jet bridges attached to the aircraft or not?

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I really like that green concrete

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hi 22.1 👋

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They aren’t you get an option to connect them! Really cool!

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The new tower @ SYD is simply stunning!

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