"...say approach request" after taking-off

Hi, so I’m just wondering why a lot of people immediately request descent to their respective STARs after checking in literally just about 5-10 minutes after taking off from the airport. I reviewed the User Guide, as recommended by the app, and read no information regarding how to respond to that request.

Usually, the “say approach request” is done during approach, at least for my experience, and seeing that requested to me after I took off from LAX caused me to respond to ATC in a very not timely manner (I play in Training Server as I’m currently mastering the ATC procedures) and I’m a guy who preferred staying at night for long-haul virtual flights.

How should pilots respond when they got that request from the ATC after taking off? Should they respond with “Request Approach”, “Request Flight Following”, or something else? Thank you and I’m hoping for some helpful responses.



As mentioned you play on training server and as mentioned in the name, this is a server where anyone can access to “train” or practice their skills of flying and also ATC.

In this regard, this isn’t a correct command from ATC and should only be utilised if on approach control and an aircraft checks in without requesting a specific request. “Say approach request” should not be issued to an aircraft that has just taken off.

This appears to be a user that may just be new to ATC or doesn’t have the full knowledge of the correct use for certain ATC commands.

Let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Take care!


Brilliant! Thank you very much for that response. Take care as well.


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