Say Aloha to Summer Hawaiian Flyout @ PHNL 012200ZJUN19

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Server: Training

Airport: *PHNL

Time: 2200Z

NOTAM: *If you would like to join, post the destination and gate number below. We will be using gates 1-25
Mainland U.S. and domestic:
Gate 1A-HA 717-200 to PHOG
Gate 1B-HA 717-200 to PHTO
Gate 1C-HA 717-200 to PHLI
Gate 2-UA 737-900 to KSFO
Gate 3-AS 737-900 to KSEA
Gate 4-AA 777-300 to KDFW
Gate 5-AS A320 to KPDX
Gate 6-SW 737-800 to KOAK
Gate 7-SW 737-800 to KSJC
Gate 8-SW 737-800 to PHOG
Gate 9-SW 737-800 to PHLI
Gate 10-UA 777-200 to KIAH
Gate 11-HA 767-300 to KJFK
Gate 12-HA 767-300 to KLAX
Gate 13- UA A320 to KSAN
Gate 14-DAL A321 to KSLC
Gate 15-DAL A330-300 to KATL
Gate 16-AC 787-9 to CYYZ
Gate 17-WJ 737-800 to CYYC
Gate 18-JAL 777-200 to RJAA
Gate 19-KA 777-200 to RKSI
Gate 20-JS 787-8 or YSSY
Gate 21-VA 777-300 to YBBN
Gate 22-QA 787-9 to YMML
Gate 23-CP A330-300 to VHHH
Gate 24-THAI A380 to VTBS
Gate 25-ANA A380(Generic) to RJAA
PHNL Ground
PHNL Tower
PHNL Departure

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