"Say Again" ATC Command

Hello Community!

As an IFATC controller, I have encountered some pilots who may have accidentally hit the wrong message, or just accidentally hit a button when they didn’t mean to send a message at all.

EDIT: Intended use, is for those (not so often) situations where a message is sent, but the aircraft’s movement does not reflect the message sent.

My idea is to add a “say again” message in the misc. messages panel. Perhaps this could be reserved for IFATC, to prevent spam in TS.

The subsequent response would either be (correction) disregard, or to resend.

(This is for those situations where the pilot does not realize they’ve sent the wrong message)

You know, I like this idea. However I believe the pilot should be obligated to correct their mistake. It’s just an unwritten rule by my standard. I might clear a vote for this.


If what they requested doesn’t make sense you could always ask for intentions…

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Love this idea. Simulates a real world phrase used by both pilots and controllers. I’ll scrounge up a vote for this one!

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I thought about that, but that command is only available on tower

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Are you sure about that?

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I got you ill vote

yes im quite certain.
(unless the command is located in a different spot for ground, i was unable to find it on the main panel or the misc. messages panel)

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Make sure to vote for your own feature! ;)

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Ok, I’ll check next time I control

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I don’t see it’s use when there is an ATC log for the controller and pilot to reference, and our procedures are consistent. Could you provide an example?


I should rephrase a few things @Trio:
The way I envisioned this to work is to be a way for a controller to check whether the pilot truly intended to send a specific message, especially if their movements do not correspond to the message sent.

For example, today while controlling LTFM, an aircraft requested a runway crossing while taxiing parallel to said runway at 30 kts, passing several intersections.
I was really confused as to whether they even intended to stop, given their speed, let alone cross the runway.

Another example is perhaps an aircraft requesting to cross, but accidentally hitting the wrong button and requesting a runway on the opposite side of the field, and not realizing their mistake.

Now I agree, this command wouldn’t be used on a regular basis, but I think it’s still good to have instead of sending stand by or CHP and hoping the pilot gets the message.

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I think disregard last message would be sufficient in that case, asking someone to repeat themselves when we can read what they said is a bit strange. I’d just approve the cross and then wait for them to disregard.

(It would be nice if we had a command to tell them to slow down though)

I 100% agree. It can also be used if u cant hear atc very well. U got my vote

This is a really interesting idea that I think could be easily implemented to help pilots. Great request!