SAWC-SCBA: Beautiful South America

My new favorite area to fly in Infinite Flight with the recently updated scenery is the Southwest part of South America.

Tonight I took the F-22 up as high as FL490 (give or take a few thousand feet) from SAWC (El Calafate, Argentina) to SCBA (Balmaceda, Chile) on the expert server for the sole purpose of trying to capture some of the fantastic scenery in between these airports.

Some of the sights you’ll see in the snaps below include…

-Los Glaciares National Park
-Lago Gral Carrera

Next time you want to do something different and fly somewhere other than KJFK or EGLL, may I suggest you check out this part of the globe!

These snaps haven’t been edited…

Liveflight Route:


How were the views they looked amazing!

Yesss, my favourite South American route! Done it 5 times, one of which is documented. Good job on those shots!