Saw this today..

That’s what I thought, which one though? They were all airbus.

I don’t know. If you search you’ll probably find which one.

May have been a flight to celebrate a new Airbus aircraft being delivered to an airline

Do you know where they were heading?

No, they were all cruising in the 30,000+ region with the same speed. I landed shortly after in France and didn’t see where they ended up.

Could it have been this event?

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No, don’t think so. That was March 3rd. Today is March 4, took the screenshot today.

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I was thinking that… But he said that they were all airbus and those aircraft partaking in that event are in Boeings…

Its probably a Moderator/Developer flying around and getting chased by crazy people


I checked for that, the first aircraft was normal. As so the second. They all seemed to be following the same flight plan, as I saw an airbus take off from the airport and immediately begin to follow the same path.

That event was the 4th of March.

You know what, it might of been @Swiss on a flight and some people thought he was filming for his channel. Or it could have been @Blu_Games Live-streaming. Honestly though Idk

It’s just a group of normal people trying to fly. Nothing to see here… 👀

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Was it? Oh. Briefly reading the post it said the 3rd.

How suspicious!!


You’ll randomly see this as events are flying by. We’ve had events from 5 to 52 (DLVA / AF-KLM combined event) flying across the globe.

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The title of the event says “Enroute” and it says 040430ZMAR18 04 day 04:30Z hours and march of 2018.

Ah, understood. Thanks.


We have an entire world of players flying around various parts of the world. You may stumble upon a few group flights here and there.

Nothing out of the ordinary…

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If this was taken on casual I believe it is my buddies from BAVA flying from Europe to New York. They are all flying Airbus a318

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That would have been a BAVA internal event today. It was to celebrate that today two pilots have logged enough hours to achieve the highest flight time based award we offer, the President’s Award.

We flew BAW 1 which is EGLC-KJFK via EINN.

Thanks for spotting us!