Saw this today..

Saw this from London down to Paris today, what was going on…? Haha


It was an event probably.


That’s what I thought, which one though? They were all airbus.

I don’t know. If you search you’ll probably find which one.

May have been a flight to celebrate a new Airbus aircraft being delivered to an airline

Do you know where they were heading?

No, they were all cruising in the 30,000+ region with the same speed. I landed shortly after in France and didn’t see where they ended up.

Could it have been this event?

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No, don’t think so. That was March 3rd. Today is March 4, took the screenshot today.

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I was thinking that… But he said that they were all airbus and those aircraft partaking in that event are in Boeings…

Its probably a Moderator/Developer flying around and getting chased by crazy people


I checked for that, the first aircraft was normal. As so the second. They all seemed to be following the same flight plan, as I saw an airbus take off from the airport and immediately begin to follow the same path.

That event was the 4th of March.

You know what, it might of been @Swiss on a flight and some people thought he was filming for his channel. Or it could have been @Blu_Games Live-streaming. Honestly though Idk

It’s just a group of normal people trying to fly. Nothing to see here… 👀

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Was it? Oh. Briefly reading the post it said the 3rd.

How suspicious!!


You’ll randomly see this as events are flying by. We’ve had events from 5 to 52 (DLVA / AF-KLM combined event) flying across the globe.

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The title of the event says “Enroute” and it says 040430ZMAR18 04 day 04:30Z hours and march of 2018.

Ah, understood. Thanks.


We have an entire world of players flying around various parts of the world. You may stumble upon a few group flights here and there.

Nothing out of the ordinary…

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