Saw these liveries on my travels, took pics especially for you guys



Thanks for sharing ! Looks Amazing the etihad A388 ;-))


I like the first one:-)


That was accidental, and i have just gone back to delete it and i cant see how to edit the post. The guy behind me doesn’t look happy about it either!


You seem to be just a bit older than me…


It was truely amazing to be on. I have to say, an anti climax if you like the rawness of take off power etc, it was as smooth as anything!

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that selfie in the beginning of the post was pretty… special

I like your beard. It’s so…amazing

I love the first photo and the livery is amazing

Nice beard…
Also, hey ScootChicken!

Nice photo on the NokScoot 777

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I like the NokScoot. Looks pretty imho!

I’m guessing you took the AirAsia A320 wingview not far from Don Mueang airport 😉

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What Flight Sim was it? And what’s that thing shooting up in the seventh pic?

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Its not a flight sim, but in fact on the Etihad planes that i used they had this screen so that you could see the planes instruments on a screen, on the A388 you could also use the outside camera’s whilst taking off and landing, i was totally geeking out!

Thanks for the comments everyone. I live relatively close to heathrow so need to get down for some photos from a spot that i found which is perfect for plane spotting!

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I love a 777…

My call sign is N117AK if anyone see’s me. Just over 5600 XP until im grade 3, its been a slog i tell ya. Online time 39hrs, landings 138.

Ooo Lao Airlines ATR. Been on them! Very cool flying out of Luang Prabang. Cool stuff!


That plane had fantastic acceleration! It was a great experience! And I love Laos so it was great to see it from above <3

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