Saving Flight Plans

I do have to say this website is really helpful in creating a flight however, Is there a way of copying this flight plan and placing it into Infinite Flight and then fly it? Or would you have to put each waypoint in by hand? And is there a way of placing Co-ordinates into the flight plan?

You can copy the flightplan created by directly to the game. Just open the map, and paste it in the „Search“ box in the top right corner.

You just have to copy the flight plan, then paste that on IF in the map where it says search

As @Marc said, once you have it just copy and paste it!

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And regarding the second part of your question, that I somehow missed the first time:

There is. And we have a great topic here on the IFC explaining it. I recommend to bookmark it, it’s a fantastic explanation.


I have encountered some problems with this site although it has a great benefit… If you want to add a specific waypoint to the flight plan and then press on (ADD); nothing happens and the waypoint wouldn’t be added…

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