Saving da Bison

Flight Info:
Departure Airport: Minneapolis - Saint Paul International Airport (MSP/KMSP)
Departure Runway: 31L
Arrival Airport: Driggs - Reed Memorial Airport (DIJ/KDIJ)
Arrival Runway: 4
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Livery: Sun Country Airlines “Tide Pod”
Cruising Altitude: FL340
Flight Time: 1 hour, 59 minutes
Server: Expert

I was reading an article about how the bison living along the Wyoming/Idaho border were extremely hungry, because all they had to eat were plain potatoes 🤮.
Extremely distressed by this news, I immediately chartered a Sun Country 737 full of tater tot hot dish to feed the bison.

Lined up with the runway at MSP for takeoff

Banking west to save the 🦬

Crossing the border into @United403 land

Starting to descend into Driggs, over west/central Wyoming

Encountering some rough air above the mountains. Luckily the hot dish was secured well, so the food is save.

Over Jackson Hole Airport

Turning on final into Driggs

Short final onto Runway 4 at DIJ

A certain spotter man checking out my plane

Once I was parked on stand, airport employees made quick work of the 15,000 plates of tater tot hot dish. Refrigerated semi trucks delivered them to herds of bison in the wild.

Rare Photo of Bison Consuming Hot Dish

In all seriousness, @United403 did a phenomenal job at modeling Driggs. The attention to detail and all the buildings are so amazing.


Yet again mission “love for da bison” succeeds again 🥳🥳🥳🥳

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Love the plains to mountain transition flying west, great pictures.


Let’s go bison 🦬.

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🦬 > 🥔


i think bison like grass more just my humble and honest opinion

Yeah but how can they resist the delicious mix of tater tots, corn, cheese, ground beef, and midwestern hospitality and love lol


Of course, of course, how could they?
It was so wrong of me to say that

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And good ol’ Wyoming smoked trout 🐟


Ah yes, that too