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Hello! I am planning on joining Friday Night Flight tomorrow but I’m worried that my battery on my iPad will die before I land. Any suggestions on what I should do? Even on short haul flights, my battery drops significantly even when I have my iPad plugged in. I do have battery saving mode on. Thanks!

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Brightness down, unused apps off, this does help with overheating too. It may be an issue with your charger or plug socket so maybe try to use a different one of either.

He already said he had his iPad plugged in.

On longer flights what I do to take some stress off my iPad is face the camera down in the cockpit view to avoid the scenery below loading at full quality which forces your iPad to work harder.

Whats size charger do you have? You need to make sure you are using the larger charger and that should usually help but when certain games are running like IF it will almost always user more power then it takes in but reducing the graphics quality would also help. One other option is you get a USB-C charger and use that with a USB-C to Lightning cable and that could help as well.

Don’t use low power mode as it will slow down the game and potentially crash. Once you are cruising turn the time back to night so it will be dark, point the camera to the ground or back of seat, and put the brightness and volume to 0.

Will be able to do if you trying this :

  1. Use all graphics to the lowest. The purpose? the reason? because high graphics can cause the batteries to run out quickly and the temperature of the device may be a little hot. For that use low graphics, in my opinion.
  2. Don’t activate anti-aliasting. Stay in the OFF position
  3. Take advantage of battery power saving features
  4. Use wifi and activate airplane mode. Based on what I have experienced. The wifi connection is helpful if you are flying for more than 8 hours. Because the battery life is longer especially when activated in airplane mode. But it all comes back to the condition of your device, is it still good or not. I do not know about that. To be sure using wifi is more suitable for flights for hours
  5. Change your flight time from day to night. When cruising
  6. Make sure to activate the low power save mode
  7. If you want to playing infinite flight while charging. Make sure the batteries and chargers are original quality, so they are safer.
  8. If your device has a lock screen device feature available. Take advantage of these features. But i think this feature is usually found on Samsung devices.

I often fly for more than 8 hours and often do it every day. My device is still good and the battery has not changed significantly

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You have this option in ur device?

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yes @DIEGO11. Because in my device there is that feature. On Samsung devices, we will find a default application called game launcher. And there is a screen lock feature on the device too. And infinite flights will continue to be active if you activate that feature😉

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