Saving an in-progress flight to resume hours or days later

For various reasons I find it logistically difficult to sit still for even the time it takes to complete a short flight. Is there any way to save the current flight so that I can resume it later? I do know that I can pause a flight by tapping on the hamburger menu at lower right, but after a few minutes the flight gets canceled and deleted, even if the phone stays powered on.

Is there any way to save the existing flight state so it can be reloaded and continued later?

Nope, unless you’re on Solo mode. On multiplayer servers, you can’t pause your flights. This is to reduce things like aircraft appearing out of nowhere in busy ATC airports, and overall reduce disruption of traffic.

When you’re doing flights, you can carry on with your life as normal. Have something to eat, go out, etc :)

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There has been a topic created similar to what you’re getting at. You can certainly vote to hopefully see this feature implemented.

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Oh, I always do fly solo. I enjoy the process of learning, and I like to set it on AP between waypoints so I can enjoy the passing landscape below; but it’ll be a long, long time before I’m comfortable enough to fly online.

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